Gauher Chaudhry Guest Video Library

Gauher Chaudhry has been an online marketer for the last 16 years and is one of the most admired Internet gurus of today Chaudhry is famed for his web seminars on CPA marketing and related topics.  He is the creator of the Pay Per Click Formula, Pay Per View Formula and Media Buying Sumo courses and regarded as one of the authorities when it comes to paid traffic generation.  Gauher has spoke at numerous international seminars and is a highly sought-after consultant.


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What Is A CPA Offer?
Tracking Your CPA Campaigns
Backend Marketing Funnel Hangout with Gauher Chaudhry and Todd Brown
Gauher Chaudry on 7 Search Pay Per Click
Advanced PPV Strategies With Gauher Chaudhry
What Is Pay Per View (PPV) Marketing?