“Discover How You, Or Anyone, Can Instantly Create Your Own Stable Of Hot Bestsellers By ‘Legally’ Stealing Existing Content… FREE!”
If You Are In The Information Marketing Business – Online Or Offline – Here’s How You Can Unearth The Secret Weapon Top Marketers Are Using To Generate Millions Of Dollars… Without Writing A Word!

This is your golden opportunity to harness the power of Public Domain content to build yourself A nice, line of hot selling products – FASTER, EASIER AND CHEAPER – and start printing your own fortune!

Public Domain Treasures is a step-by-step digital study course, broken down into 4 distinct modules.

Here’s A More Detailed Look At My Step-By-Step Course:

Video 1 – How To Use Public Domain For Profits  – Kickstart the first session of Public Domain Treasures with a comprehensive set of strategies and tactics you can mix, use and match to your fullest advantage in making money from Information marketing. Nothing is easier than using existing content that is already in existence, proven and time-tested!

Video 2 – How To Source For Reliable Public Domain Content – Public Domain Treasures

  • Where to find written Public Domain (books, articles)
  • where to find Public Domain films
  • where to find Public Domain music and photos

+PLUS further list of websites or archives of Public Domain!

Video 3 – Public Domain Re-Purposing Tactics – Did you know? Many of the most brilliant marketing minds in the world make their sales revenue manifold just by ‘repackaging’ their existing products? They do it with physical products and even food (think Kentucky Fried Chicken for example).  When it comes to Information marketing, repackaging is a whole lot more easier… and profitable! Imagine you will learn things like this to skyrocket your sales revenue by 200-300%:

  • How to edit Public Domain content for modern business use
  • Packaging Public Domain works with other products
  • Sell the Public Domain Materials
  • How to build a loyal base of customers paying you every single month – or every single year – using Public Domain material!

Video 4 – Legal Aspects Of Public Domain Works – This entire module is dedicated to the legal aspects of using Public Domain works. While you don’t have to be a lawyer, you can risk getting yourself into legal trouble if you are using works that are copyrighted!

  • The Legal Aspects of Using Public Domain Works
  • International Law and Public Domain Works
  • Public Domain to Copyrighted
  • What Is A Creative Commons License and Can I Use It?