WebMaster Videos Are Your GEEK-SPEAK-FREE Video Guides That Will Take You From WebMaster Zero To WebMaster HERO!!

14 HIGH-QUALITY training videos that walk you through the techie side of managing your own Web Site

1. Instant Creation – Includes organizational tips & best practices for Usernames and passwords.  Running Time:4:30

2. Manual Creation – Includes a more secure and faster installation method than described elsewhere & the 4 things required for proper manual installs.  Running Time:9:35

3. Installation Cleanup – cleanup on aisle 5.., which files you can delete after installation for a more secure and streamlined WordPress site.  Running Time:4:05

4. Basic Security – How to easily remove ID-1 from your database and why you should, How To Remove All mentions of the WP version from the source code, How to do a full backup of files & database.  Running Time:10:54

5. Dashboard Tour – A detailed walk-through of the Admin Dashboard of your WordPress site.  Running Time:4:15

6. Pages vs Posts – Name three differences between WP Posts and Wp Pages – In this video I show you seven.  Running Time:1:30

7. Create Pages – How To Create a WordPress Page & the new Page editor in version 3.9 How to add images to your page How to set your page for AUTOMATIC future publication.  Running Time:6:04

8. Create Posts – How To Create a WordPress Post & the new post editor in version 3.9 How to add an image to a post How to schedule AUTOMATIC future posts.  Running Time:6:43

9. Plugins – The safest place to get FREE WordPress plugins How to install plugins inside & outside of your WordPress site How many installed & activated plugins is too many – the answer might surprise you.  Running Time:6:57

10.Themes – The NEW theme customizer with live widget preview.  The NEW add new theme screen.  How to delete installed themes.  How to customize installed themes.  Running Time:6:09

11.Widgets – How to add, move & remove widgets on your theme.  Running Time:3:58

12.Menus – How to add & edit your WordPress navigation menus.  Running Time:4:15

13.Basic SEO – Which is the most popular free SEO plugin? I install & activate it here.  What is a permalink and how to change it.  How to create a fully optimized post – including images.  Running Time:7:10

14.Prevent Server Crashing Brute Force Attacks – Preventing a site break-in by a brute force attack is one thing but preventing your server from crashing from a brute force attack is an entirely different problem. Not any more!  How to prevent server crashing brute force attacks with free & easy to use plugin.  Running Time:4:05